President Obama and Oreo are how Twitter is selling itself to investors in its new IPO. The filing, made public on Thursday, brags that Obama declared victory in the 2012 election in a tweet, highlights Oreo's (in)famous Superbowl tweet ("[Oreo] was quick to tweet about the situation to engage users during the live event") and notes the accidental live-tweeting of the Osama bin Laden raid.

Here's the IPO filing submitted to the SEC, complete with the bright blue bird logo at the top. Twitter's revenue in 2012 was $317 million.  But the company's income statement shows that it is losing money:

Twitter's three founders — who have each left Twitter to pursue other projects, though two remain on its board — jointly addressed the company in an all-staff "Tea Time," just before Bloomberg Business reported that its IPO would go public today. Mashable collected tweets documenting the rare sight at Twitter HQ:

Twitter's filing makes use of newish SEC rules that permit companies to keep filings confidential until three weeks before marketing shares, provided that the company's annual revenue doesn't exceed $1 billion. Twitter, of course, qualifies—and now a hefty list of investors and funds stand to profit from the public offering.

Here's The Wall Street Journal's liveblog of the IPO.