Susan Bennett, a woman living in suburban Atlanta, has come out and claimed what some consider to be the most frustrating and irritating voices on the planet: that is, she claims she is the voice of Apple's serial neg-artist Siri. Apple won't confirm or deny that Bennett is Siri, but CNN's forensic audio expert (science) and our eyes say that Bennett is telling the truth.

And when you consider that no one genuinely loves Siri, you kinda have to believe when someone actually wants to claim ownership over a voice that's constantly pegged to technological frustration. "Yes, I worry about how many times I get cursed every day," Bennett told CNN, which pulled aside the Apple curtain on Friday. 

Bennett is coming clean because there are new Siri voices on the way with Apple's new operating system and because a Verge post on Siri accidentally and incorrectly led readers to a woman named Allison Dufty.

Bennett revealed that she laid Siri's vocal tracks back in 2005—around six years before the iPhone 4s, the first Apple phone to feature Siri went on the market. CNN's Jessica Ravitz explains that she found Siri/Bennett by accident and actually: 

In the course of our phone conversation, I asked her to rattle off some jobs she's had over the years. She gave me a quick and general rundown and then added that she's done a lot of IVR work.

"IVR?" I asked.

"Interactive voice response," she answered. "The sort of thing you hear on a company's phone system."

For reasons I can't explain -- I was still struggling to understand my first iPhone -- I blurted out, "Hey, are you Siri?"

She gasped. And then I gasped.

"Oh my God," I said. "You're totally Siri, aren't you?"

Because I can't show you Bennett's voice over text, here's Bennett and Siri, so you can compare: