Instagram is beginning to roll out advertisements in users' feeds over the next couple months, the photo-sharing company announced on Thursday.

The company wrote that the ads will appear in the regular feed for people in the U.S., citing the need to keep growing the business. By nature of its layout, Instagram's ads will differ from its owner Facebook's, which can be creative with ads in posting links, photos, videos or simple text. For Instagram, though, the single-scroll feed could make ads "more disruptive," TechCrunch explains.

Instagram obviously doesn't see it that way, and compared its coming ads to the "engaging, high-quality ads when you flip through your favorite magazine." Most major brands already actively post to their own company accounts, but their posts are only seen by explicit followers, and not sent into non-following streams. For example, here's a post from Nike's account today with 101,000 likes.

Be prepared for ads like this to infiltrate into main Instagram feeds. For now, only a "handful" of select brands will be advertising as the company rolls out its plan to monetize the business.

The timing of the announcement comes just before rival social media rival Twitter makes its initial IPO offering, which could happen as soon as today, Bloomberg News reports. Instagram has taken the first step toward making money, and Twitter is right behind.