Turns out Siri recommends the Nokia Lumia 900 over the iPhone when asked "What is the best smartphone of all time?" However, contrary to reports from numerous other tech blogs, this is only a glitch when it comes to the A.I. personal assistant's gadget loyalty.  See, if you ask Siri to name "the best smartphone ever," instead of the Nokia Lumia, according to two separate Siris we asked at The Atlantic Wire, she finds locations with the word "ever" in their names like the "4 Ever Fit", which is a gym in nearby Maryland. 

But it looks like Siri's been hardcoded to promote the rest of her Apple family since pretty much every other electronics-related question elicits a pitch for the home team. When asked about the best laptop, computer and even MP3 players, Siri either said herself or Apple made things. 

Here are exact transcripts of our conversations with our phones:

The Atlantic Wire: "Siri, what's the best laptop?"

Siri: "I prefer the Mac."

The Atlantic Wire: "Siri, what's the best MP3 player?"

Siri: "You're looking at it."

The Atlantic Wire: "Siri, what's the best laptop?" (Just in case!)

Siri: "The Apple Macintosh is my favorite computer." 

Interestingly, when we asked Siri about the best phone, of the non-smart variant, she got snobby.

The Atlantic Wire: "Siri what's the best phone?"

Siri: "You're kidding, right?"

The Atlantic Wire: "Siri what's the best computer of all time?"

Siri: "If it's made by Apple, then it's the best computer." 

It's not the phrasing, it seems, since we tried "of all time." So, guess it must have something to do with the word "smartphone" that makes Siri give "real" Wolfram Alpha results rather than a cheeky programmed answer to make it seem human.