Netflix reported a strong fourth quarter Wednesday and confirmed that the rapid exodus of subscribers, following this summer's customer relations fiasco, has come to an end. Their revenue numbers beat most analysts' expectations, reports The Wall Street Journal, with reported earnings of $876 million. (That's $18 million more than analysts predicted!) Plus, the company happily reported that they've added subscribers in the fourth quarter after losing 800,000 in the U.S. when they tried to raise prices and divide their mail-order DVD service from their online streaming. (They're up 610,000 subscribers from the start of the quarter.) Shares, unsurprisingly, are rising on the news. All good for Netflix, but our eyes popped most widely at Bloomberg's side note that online customers watched over 2 billion hours of movies and TV in those three months. 2 billion! Sure, we also learned today that Netflix needs to add three or four online subscribers to make up for the loss of one mail-order user, which isn't great for an increasingly Web-based world. But when you've got your audience hooked to the tune of 2 billion hours, business can't be that bad.