Research In Motion, the manufacturers who created BlackBerry and who's main job now is getting service back up and running held a pithy press conference minutes ago which was live-blogged by AllThingsD.  Here's what was gleaned from the Q&A:
  • It Was Not a Security Breach: "RIM doesn’t believe issue is result of hacking or other security breach.... We’ve seen no evidence to believe this is the case," officials at RIM said. 
  • Emails Will Not Be Dropped: David Yach, CTO for RIM's software explained: "All of the e-mail will be delivered. We will not be dropping any e-mail messages." So don't buy anyone's excuse that they lost your email. 
  • Don't Bother RIM with Angry Messages: "Our priority is to get the service up and running because that is what is going to make our customers happy," said a spokeswoman for RIM
  • Refunds for the poor service: "I don’t have an answer right now. Focus is on restoring service," Yach said.

There you have it, a RIM explanation and possibly the best iPhone 4S commercial yet. 

*Update: According to an AP report this morning, BlackBerry service has "buzzed back to life" in parts of Europe, India, Middle East and Africa.