Today, Google announced that it bought Zagat, the old-school restaurant ratings and reviews brand. Maybe the enormous tech company just wanted to bring a touch of familiarity to its current restaurant ratings and reviews system. On Google's official blog Marissa Mayer, VP of Google Local, Maps, and Location Services wrote:

With Zagat, we gain a world-class team that has more experience in consumer based-surveys, recommendations and reviews than anyone else in the industry. Founded by Tim and Nina Zagat more than 32 years ago, Zagat has established a trusted and well-loved brand the world over, operating in 13 categories and more than 100 cities.

And on reviews ratings site, the co-chairs of the company Nina and Tim Zagat seem thrilled that they will be a part of Google instead of edged out by it: "We couldn't be happier to see our baby placed into such good hands and are looking forward to being Googlers in the years ahead."