The future is now: Robots can communicate and join forces to take care of business, Voltron style, reports New Scientist. The robots have been taught to work together. "In a striking display of military-like precision, the robotic team, dubbed the "Swarmanoid", attacks the problem with flying 'eye-bots' and rolling 'foot-bots.' A 'hand-bot' then fires a grappling hook-like device up to the ceiling and scales the bookshelf." For now, they're only using their powers for relative good--as you can see in the video below, the robot clan also known as the Swarmanoid, has banded together to fetch a book. 

The future holds promising possibilities for the Swarmanoid. Researcher Marco Dorigo hopes they're used as crime fighting bots, acting as a safety crew springing into action when hazard strikes. But maybe some human will wrong them down the line and they'll turn, Terminator style.