Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) on "industry interests" and health care reform
Also, if "industry interests" all support the bill - -it's hard to depict the bill as a victory over "industry interests"
Politico blogger Ben Smith (@benpolitico) offers a sarcastic take on GOP threats in Congress
Lindsey Graham says if hcr passes, immigration reform won't. As opposed to if hcr doesn't pass, in which case it'll sail through.
Daily News White House correspondent Ken Bazinet (@bazmaniandevil) on March Madness vs. Israeli settlements
Cornell destroys Temple on the Sabbath; Netanyahu announces new settlement plans for Ithaca #marchmadness
Daily Kos editor David Waldman (@KagroX) on Twitter vs. Drudge Report
Twitter's faster than Drudge, more balanced than Drudge & now Drudge is burning you with his garbage "reporting." Kick the habit, journos!