In many relationships when the fun has settled and honeymoon phase has long finished, there comes a point where both people need to sit down and be clear about what they're getting out of this bond — a DTR (defining the relationship) chat, if you will. Sen. Mike Enzi and former Vice President Dick Cheney are in desperate need of one. 

"It's hard to bring up, but you need to set the record straight because guys can get weird about commitment," the savvy DTR experts at Cosmopolitan tell us. The commitment in this case is on Cheney's end. Enzi are putting Wyoming voters through an endless game of he-said, he-said with Enzi claiming they are pals, and Cheney claiming Enzi is claiming they were never really close. 

Enzi and Cheney have been fighting over their relationship status in public for months. When Cheney's daughter Liz announced that she was going to challenge Enzi for his Senate seat in 2014. Enzi told her through The Washington Post, "I thought we were friends." 

On Sunday, Cheney suggested they weren't on ABC's This Week, saying, "Well, Mike also said he and I are fishing buddies, which is simply not true. Never happened." That must sting, but Enzi is not backing down. "I anchored the One Fly Fishing Contest with him one time, and I was asked to speak at his induction in the fly fishing Hall of Fame," Enzi told Politico on Tuesday. "And we’ve talked about fishing when we’ve been together," he elaborated.

"We have a relationship thing," Enzi added — sounding a little less confident in his relationship status.