Just a day after Ari Fleischer told Politico he wasn't going to contribute to CNN anymore, the  former George W. Bush-era Press Secretary went full troll while promoting his latest appearance on Fox News: 

This tweet has so many possibilities. Is it simply a reference to Obama's recent phone call Iran's president Hassan Rouhani? Is it because Obama is definitely a secret Muslim? When did John Boehner change his first name to "Speaker"? Does Fleischer know that Rouhani is actually not a Mullah? Does it matter that Democrats have already negotiated with Republicans, or that some Republicans aren't entirely sure anymore what it is they're asking for? No, it does not matter. This is what Ari Fleischer does now on Twitter. First, there was the time he briefly miscounted the length of a tweet to declare that Obama must have special rules: 

(As you may have guessed, Fleischer later admitted that he counted Barack Obama's twitter handle as part of the character count). Here are some other examples: 

Aside from trolling, Fleischer has done one truly great thing on Twitter: livetweeting his firsthand account of 9/11 on the 2013 anniversary. Strangely, the former Press Secretary's Twitter rhetoric seems to clash with his recent criticism of the Republican party's languishing outreach efforts. Fleischer, who co-authored the 2012 RNC autopsy report, told the Hill this week that: "you won’t grow the party by appealing in a divisive way to fewer voters" in reference to the divisiveness, particularly in is own party, during the shutdown. 

In case you were wondering, by the way, how Hannity "balanced" Fleischer on the topic of Obamacare tonight, here was the show's other guest: