The Edward Snowden manhunt has made America that desperate guy who just keeps calling, John Oliver explained on last night's The Daily Show. When Hong Kong stopped returning U.S. calls about the NSA leaker's whereabouts, we became a "sad ex-boyfriend." Oliver mimed picking up the phone: "Hey China, it's America. Just calling again. Making sure you got our earlier messages, and texts, and emails. Not sure where you are. I was just in the shower so I thought maybe I missed your call..." The awkwardness continued. 

But then Oliver had some stronger words: "For a while there Edward Snowden had me believing that the U.S. government was all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful," he said. "But after this weekend they've got me even more convinced that they couldn't find the front of a human centipede if their mouth was sewn to its ass."