Like some American political pundits, an Irish bookmaking website considers Romney's 8-vote margin in Tuesday's Iowa caucus results too close to call, and so is refunding $6,000 to bettors who chose barely second-place Rick Santorum. Online (and legal outside the U.S.) Irish bookmaker Paddy Power (isn't "paddy" suppose to be an offensive term for the Irish?) wrote in a press release on Thursday, “Having lost by only 8 votes the Rick Santorum supporters had every reason to be disappointed but as far as we’re concerned the margin for error is just too small and we’ve decided to refund the money.” That's nice for them (and for Paddy Power which is good at drumming up PR for itself with political wagers) but the meager amount they'll refund certainly shows that not too many people knew who Santorum is, at least in Europe, before this week.