Mitt Romney hosted a rally in New Hampshire to debut the newest get on his list of endorsements:John McCain. News leaked of the endorsement early this morning, and McCain made it official saying, "I'm really only here for one reason... to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America and New Hampshire is the state that will catapult him onto victory..." He's then took time to thank several figures in New Hampshire politics, (you'll remember he was well liked there having defeated Romney in 2008 in the primary. Bygones ... )  Then he somewhat apologetically addressed national security:"I know jobs and the economy will be the dominant theme in this campaign ... But I also think we've got to understand our nation's security. I guarantee one thing. No one will ever say that Mitt Romney will lead from behind. He will lead from the front like Ronald Reagan did." 

Notable from the Q&A session that followed is that the first question went to an Occupy Boston protester, who asks Romney, fairly civilly, about his statement this summer that "corporations are people" asking if he'll revise it. "Where do you think corporation's profit goes?" Romney responded. The two debated about the destination of corporate profits, in an exchange pretty similar to the one where Romney first made that "corporations" statement. "When a business has profit it can do good things," Romney says.