President Obama spoke today after meeting with business leaders to discuss "insourcing," the administration's new buzzword for bringing jobs to America. Obama said he'll be proposing tax breaks for companies that "choose to bring jobs home and invest in America" and eliminating tax breaks for companies that outsource. Standing behind him were representatives from the various companies at the forum "who shifted work back home," as the AP reports, and they looked on as Obama gave your basic American workers pump up speech, ("I want our nation to be known for being stamped with three proud words: 'Made in America.'") Obama dropped in details about new investment and jobs created by small furniture manufacturers and large car companies. The meeting and the speech seem like a good move for Obama, who will obviously spend the next year both trying to lower the unemployment numbers and conspicuously appear to be lowering unemployment numbers (or giving it his best effort.) Look for more "insourcing" talk in the months to come. We imagine there'll be lots of it.