Taking the strange Colbert-Cain alliance even further this afternoon, the two once and possibly future serious presidential candidates are holding a joint rally in South Carolina. What exact is going to happen at the College of Charleston rally? We're not entirely sure since all Colbert had to say to that question on Morning Joe this morning is "clapping and talking." But we imagine there will be plenty to laugh at (intentionally for Colbert and perhaps unintentionally from Cain), which is why we've decided to give a livestreaming video of it from MSNBC below.

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Update 1:56 p.m.:  Besides a few choice one-liners from Colbert (“The only difference between Mitt Romney and a statue of Mitt Romney is that a statue never changes its position") and Cain more or less admitting that his wacky ("There is one thing I have that [Colbert] doesn't have: a bus with his face on it"), the takeaway from today's rally that Colbert wants South Carolinians to vote for Cain in lieu him, as Colbert's not on the ballet, while Cain asks voters not to waste their votes on him.