Political wisdom holds that Jon Huntsman's candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination cannot go on if he doesn't do well in the New Hampshire primary next week -- which means neither can his daughters' campaign for stardom. Huntsman is polling at just 10 percent in the state, and while the "Jon2012girls" are a hit in political media circles, their quest for actual fame may be in mortal peril. The Atlantic Wire humbly offers Liddy, Mary Anne, and Abby some advice for staying relevant longer than their father's presidential campaign.

So far, the Huntsman daughters have done pretty well at following in Meghan McCain's footsteps. They've shamelessly served as the mascot of an underdog presidential campaign. They were profiled in a glossy men's magazine. They've pitched their dad on morning shows. And, as time run outs on the Huntsman campaign, they've accelerated the rate at which they're posting photos of themselves. But if they want to be personalities in a post-New Hampshire future, they're going to have to do more.

"Surprise" the pundits. The best way to get famous in media is by taking a counterintuitive postion. McCain exploited this by saying she was for everything her dad was for and gay marriage. Being a Republican who criticizes other Republicans is a great way to get on MSNBC -- McCain was showing that "it's okay to be a moderate Republican," Rachel Maddow said last year. Jon Huntsman has set his kids up perfectly for this, tweeting, "I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy." Unfortunately, neither of those issues is very sexy. Since McCain has taken gay marriage, maybe they can try supporting sex ed in public schools?

Regularly remind people you exist. The best way to do this is become a blogger. The Huntsman daughters have already written for the Huffington Post. This was a genius move. It capitalized on the rivalry between NewsBeast's Tina Brown -- who hired McCain -- and Arianna Huffington. Brown might have one glamorous political offspring, but Huffington has three. But the women could try doing something to establish their different personalities, like how in the Babysitters Club Claudia was arty one, Jesse was sporty, and Stacy had diabetes. Right now the daughters are just the Ambitious One, the Brunette One, and the Other Blonde One.

Go blonder. Only two of the three Huntsman girls have reached that particular shade of Republican blonde. Come on, Mary Anne. Even your mother is ahead on this one.

Remind people that you are young women interested in sex. One of McCain's first columns was complaining that she couldn't find any good dates because of her dad. She tweets that a good man is hard to find. The internet exploded when she posted photos of her cleavage. There is no need to modify this move in any way. Boob pics never get old.

Talk about woman stuff. McCain has made herself relatable this election cycle by showing she's a regular gal with insecurities -- the classic Tyra Banks-style lifestyle guru trick that says, "You might think I'm glamorous, but sometimes I look in the mirror and feel sad. Yes even me. Even me." McCain has already written about how hard life is when you have big boobs. The Huntsman girls could try something similar, like, "I cried for years about my long, slender legs."

Finally get your comeuppance. Make a mistake and then learn from it. McCain was widely criticized for being an ideological phony and an unethical journalist when the supposed-moderate interviewed a peak-birther Donald Trump and asked him for a job. McCain suffered serious damage to her reputation and struggled for a long time to recover from it. Just kidding, there are no consequences in blogging. And fame-seeking heiresses never have get their comeuppances.