After teasing that he would make an "unconventional endorsement" Thursday, Herman Cain followed through, announcing that he endorses "We the People" presumably for president, according to CSPAN. Thanks, Herman! (But won't you need to see our long-form birth certificate, first?) The news has, of course, elicited much snark. Actually though, it's not very clear what he meant. ABC News reports that the reporters at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference where he made the "endorsement" actually "gasped," and that apparently he's doing it to try to get us all on board with his 9-9-9 plan (yes, he's still pitching that thing) by.... buttering us up? He followed up with a tweet, saying "My unconventional endorsement is the people! We the People of this nation are still in charge!" We're not sure how this works, but it's this writer's first endorsement so far, so let's not ruin the moment by asking too many questions.