Mark Block, chief of staff to Herman Cain, says yesterday's media frenzy over sexual harassment claims helped the campaign post one of its best fundraising days ever with $250,000 coming into the coffers. Block made the comment while on a panel at National Journal's 2012 Election Preview today. We won't know until the disclosure forms are fully filed, but those are big numbers to cap an October where the Republican hopeful raised $3 million, according to CNN. As for the other big story of Cain's week: "Done. Move on," said Block in a recap from The Hill . "Let's talk about what the American people want to hear about, and that jobs, jobs, jobs."  

"Done, move on," could also refer to Block's candor in regards to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's report that the Cain campaign (perhaps illegally) owes some $40,000 to Prosperity USA, a now-defunct private corporation that Block and aide Linda Hansen ran. Slate's Dave Weigel notes

He answered them today. Well, sort of. At National Journal's 2012 preview panel, in the caged environment of a hotel ballroom and live video, ABC News's Amy Walter asked Block if he could explain the Bice story.

"We've retained independent counsel to look at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story and report back to us," said Block.

Walter followed up with a different version of the question.

"We've retained independent counsel to look at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story," said Block.

Walter tried again, asking Block if he watched the books when he ran the organization.

"Amy," said Block, coldly and calmly, "why don't we talk about the campaign going forward?"

She did move on, with the allegations unanswered. So: Cain's campaign manager was once suspended from election work in Wisconsin because of election law violations. He can't or won't talk now about more possible violations. It might be better for the Cain campaign if we all focus on Politico's story.