Awaiting Obama's State of the Union address, the wonkier of Twitter-users latched onto the hashtag #ThingsNeverSaidAtSOTU.

CNN's Mark Preston gets right to the heart of it

Chris Brown takes a humorous tack

"A priest, a rabbi and a mexican walk into a bar..." #ThingsNeverSaidAtASOTUless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Musician Steven Carter channels Michael Scott

"So I told the Speaker, 'That's what she said!'" #thingsneversaidataSOTUless than a minute ago via web

The Truman National Security Projects Press Secretary anticipates the reax from the other side of the aisle

I'd appreciate it if you didn't stand up and clap at this next statement. #ThingsNeverSaidAtASOTUless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone