For a fleeting moment, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor appeared on MSNBC to chat about today's races and the Republican platform going forward. In the heart of cable TV's liberal lion's den, Cantor got peppered by host Rachel Maddow about tax breaks and the federal deficit. If he felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, it paled in comparison to the discomfort felt by liberal pundits watching the show and commenting on Twitter:

Did MSNBC just put the echo on Cantor's mic to make him sound more demonic talking to @maddow?less than a minute ago via HootSuite

eric cantor says he wants to cut spending, cant wait for gop cut proposals!less than a minute ago via web

#Maddow to Cantor: So you're ok with extra $700B in deficits to extend all Bush tax cuts? Cantor dodges. #election #economyless than a minute ago via web

Cantor opens & closes interview smugly saying it's great to be on MSNBC "on a night like tonight." Humility not a part of GOP platform.less than a minute ago via web

Eric Cantor just said sentences that made no sense. #newphenomenon?less than a minute ago via web