In an about-face from her "mature" I'm Not A Witch campaign ad, Christine O'Donnell has released a new clip in which the headline making Delaware Senate candidate is scarcely present. Instead, in creepy-horror-movie fashion we are introduced to the Tax Man: the latest garish character in an election cycle that has previously starred the likes of the Wicked Witch and Faux-bama. Produced by Fred Davis, who introduced to the world Carly Fiorina's infamous Demon Sheep ad, the campaign spot is designed to become a viral sensation.

Helping it along, as many observers have noted, is an apparent reference to the YouTube hit "Bed Intruder," a humorously auto-tuned, overdubbed three-minute rap selection. The lines in the Bed Intruder video run "hide your kids/hide your wife/and hide your husband cause they're raping everybody out here." The Christine O'Donnell ad warns ominously, "hide your will, hide your lights, 'cause he's taxing everything out here."