A new article in The Nation claims closed-borders firebrand Lou Dobbs employed as many as five illegal immigrants at his New Jersey horse farm. Last night, in his first comment on the matter since the story hit newsstands yesterday, Dobbs joined Nation scribe Isabel Macdonald on MSNBC's The Last Word to discuss the piece with host Lawrence O'Donnell. Things got less-than-coherent when Macdonald asked the former CNN anchor about the perception that he is holding himself to a different standard than other employers of undocumented workers he bashed on his show. Dobbs thought that was nonsense.

"No one who has ever not hired an illegal immigrant, no one who has ever not hired an illegal immigrant through their companies, would not in any way be responsible for the hiring of an illegal immigrant," he declared. "That seems straightforward and hardly a matter of splitting hairs. It seems purely straightforward and reasonable, does it not?"

Yes, to a Lewis Carroll character on opposite day.

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