The Democratic National Committee sent out a press advisory that chairman Tim Kaine would be making a "major" announcement at George Washington University today. This caused quite a stir. Sadly, "major announcement" turned out to be DNC code for "a new logo and website redesign." Twitter documented the disappointment in realtime.

Yahoo's Chris Lehmann predicted a medical breakthrough

Tim Kaine teasing "major announcement" to motivate demoralized Dems. Eyebrow transplant?less than a minute ago via web

Ben Tribbett struggled to hide his disdain

Yay!  He's resigning as Chair of the DNC? rt @timkaine About to make an exciting announcement about the party from GWU.less than a minute ago via web

Glenn Greenwald hoped against hope that Democrats had something else in the hopper

Is it really possible that this - - was referring to nothing more than this - than a minute ago via web

David Dayen wasn't thrilled with the logo's DIY look

I'm told that no consultants were hired for the new "D with a circle around it" DNC logo.  It shows!less than a minute ago via web

Mother Jones wasn't going to get too excited about the DNC's new web space

DNC has new website: Sounds scary.less than a minute ago via web

Duncan "Atrios" Black thought everyone was forgetting something

wasn't there some big dnc announcement today?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck