At the end of Glenn Beck's train wreck of an interview with Eric Massa, the Fox News host glumly said: "America... I have wasted an hour of your time, and I am sorry for that." A pair of liberal pundits were far from sorry--they were positively giddy.

Jon Stewart and Lawrence O'Donnell both mocked Beck's failure to get evidence of Democratic corruption. Stewart suggested Beck take a cue from Edward Murrow and employ a nightly sendoff.

It appears Glenn Beck has come up with his new sign-off phrase. His "Good Night, and Good Luck." Every show, he can now end with: "I think I've wasted an hour of your time, and I apologize for that. See you tomorrow."
Filling in for Keith Olbermann on MSNBC's "Countdown", O'Donnell played lowlights from the interview, providing snarky commentary while someone offstage was unable to hold back his guffaws. "Glenn Beck bet his entire show on Eric Massa--and lost."

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