Four Lions, which premiered Saturday at Sundance, is the story of four Muslim immigrants who are swept up in radical militancy and plan a terrorist attack in the north of England. Are you laughing yet? The film, directed by British comedian Chris Morris, is a farcical comedy that attempts to spoof terrorism the same way that This Is Spinal Tap spoofed rock and roll stardom.

Four Lions has been compared to Stanley Kubrick's 1964 film Dr. Strangelove, which turned the threat of global nuclear warfare, at the time considered a very real possibility, into the third-greatest comedy of all time. Will Morris's directorial debut live up? Or will it simply offend? To get a preview, watch the clip below. The scene subtly references would-be terrorist Najibullah Zazi, who bought many gallons of peroxide in a foiled plot to bomb New York City targets.