Former representative Bob Barr handed in his Republican card in 2006, joining the Libertarian Party, but the former Clinton impeachment crusader is hardly a friend to Democrats. Yet yesterday morning, Barr stood up for President Obama against Republican flak over national security. Calling  Dick Cheney and conservative critics "way off base" and bordering on "asinine," Barr beats back his former colleagues with startling verve:

The criticism has included such childishness as blasting Obama for waiting a few days before making a national speech on the incident ... Partisanship truly has pervasively infected our political system when a reasonable, measured, factual, timely and substantive response by a president to a single security incident--the roots of which clearly indicate long-simmering problems that predated his tenure in office--is publicly blasted as irresponsible. In point of fact, those levelling such counterproductive attacks are the ones engaging in irresponsible behavior.