In his new tell-all memoir, ex-Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer depicts the former president as a fatuous and incompetent boob—especially during the financial crisis. The book, excerpted in GQ, reveals many of Bush's private--and candid--moments, presented in a distinctly unflattering light. Latimer says the Bush White House was "less like The West Wing and more like The Office." 

But Latimer won't get the last word. The administration official who hired him, William McGurn, takes Latimer to the woodshed in a scathing Wall Street Journal column today. Forget "The Office"--we're talking middle school recess here! McGurn's beatdown goes as follows: 
  • He Swings Below the Belt  "Matt takes the cheap route, snarking about people struggling with those decisions, while never explaining what he would have done differently."
  • He's a Conceited Brat  McGurn chastises Latimer for exaggerating his role in the Oval Office, the West Wing and on Air Force One: "Air Force One. Yes, he was on it, but not because he was important. To the contrary, I put him on it because he was failing ... getting him on Air Force One was a (losing) attempt on my part to get the president to warm up to him."
  • He's a Cry Baby McGurn mockingly recalls when Donald Rumsfeld told Latimer he was his "star" and Latimer started crying. "Right there too we see Mr. Bush's greatest failing," McGurn cracks. "Never did he look into young Matthew's moist eyes and tell him, 'You are my star.' If he only had we would have a very different book."
  • Don't Ever Hire This Man "If this book is any guide, an employer will read how stupid Matt really thought he was only after he's no longer being paid."
Ouch! Hey Latimer, are you going to take that sitting down?