The president's speech to Congress added new fuel to the debate over health care, inspiring earnest argument over the hows and whys of reform. But not everyone got the memo. A few commentators lost their way somehow, and served up opinions that ranged from quirky and off-beat to downright bizarre. Here are the most entertaining selections:

  • 'My Ears Rang With the Joy of a Small Child on Christmas Morning,' Mike says wistfully at The Western Experience. What he means by this remains unclear.
I was getting hypnotized by the lavish free market words being sublimely uttered by the President. My ears rang with the joy of a small child on Christmas morning. However, my skeptical nature was proven right and kicked in with the force of a Hydrogen bomb. Shattering my Christmas fantasy that the health care debate was over and we were headed in the correct direction.
  • How About The First Lady's Pale Salmon Silk Confection? Prairie Weather asks.
Haven't seen any reactions yet to Michelle Obama's costume. Not going to look for 'em. Will reserve my sour comments. It's still a young presidency. I'll just note that, if you coupled your teevee viewing of the Obama speech with "The Last Truck," the first lady's pale salmon silk confection seemed de trop.
  • 'Why is Rep Charles Boustany Bathed in Ethereal Heavenly Light?' On Twitter, Baratunde Thurston doesn't understand why the Republican rebuttal to Obama's speech featured Rep. Boustany with a halo. "I'm freaking out," he says.
  • The President Should Learn Power Point, sniffs the Scared Monkey blog. "One thing is for certain, Barack Obama has never been part of corporate America and never given a power point presentation to execs that demand you get to the point in a timely manner."