Searching for Falafel Outside the 'New York Stands With Israel' Rally, Arrest Made in Abby Hernandez Kidnapping , and more...

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Searching for Falafel Outside the 'New York Stands With Israel' Rally

The rally had drawn a clear line: Hamas equals war and terrorism. Hummus equals whirled peas.

Adam Chandler

Arrest Made in Abby Hernandez Kidnapping

Nathaniel E. Kibby was arrested today at his home in Gorham, N.H. for the kidnapping of 14-year old Abigail Hernandez, who was last seen in October. 

David Ludwig

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Also Vacations in Florida

Florida officials have told beachgoers in the Sunshine State to take heed: There's a surge of flesh-eating bacterium that has killed ten and hospitalized dozens over the course of the past several years.

Adam Chandler

Ariana Grande's New Collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J Is a Lot to Handle

The trio of girl power is bouncy and catchy, featuring Jessie and Ariana belting their little hearts out over heavy production – and we mean "heavy" in the best way!

Kevin O'Keeffe

Don't Worry, Joss Whedon Never Actually Kills Off Any Crucial Characters

He sure loves killing the cute cuddly ones to "raise the stakes," though!

David Sims

Pot Legalization Activists Are Stoked The New York Times Went 'Mainstream'

When The New York Times' Editorial Board called for the federal legalization of marijuana over the weekend, it didn't say anything marijuana activists hadn't already been saying for years.

Arit John