First Case of Ebola Diagnosed in the U.S., The FCC Ruling May Not Be the End of NFL Blackouts, and more...

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First Case of Ebola Diagnosed in the U.S.

"This is not Africa," said Zachary Thompson, director of the Dallas County Health and Human Services, "We have a great infrastructure to deal with an outbreak."

Polly Mosendz

The FCC Ruling May Not Be the End of NFL Blackouts

Fans hate NFL blackouts. The FCC will no longer support them. So why does the NFL want to keep them around?

Jake Swearingen

Ukraine Braces for a Winter Without Russian Gas

Days after an EU-brokered deal was set to give Ukrainians access to Russian gas for the winter, Ukrainian officials continue to for fight for a previously agreed upon discount.

Adam Chandler

The Secret Service Let an Armed Man into an Elevator With the President

A security contractor with a gun made it onto an elevator with the president in Atlanta, without permission from the Secret Service. He began taking photos and "behaving unprofessionally."

Russell Berman

Secret Service Chief Gets a Good Ole Congressional Grilling

It is apparently impossible to explain in a satisfying way how an armed man could burst through an unlocked front door and run through the first floor of the White House before being stopped.

Russell Berman