Today will mark one year to the day since Hurricane Sandy touched down on the East Coast and brought along destruction, disruption, and desperation to people and cities all up and down the eastern seaboard. And it can't be stressed enough that people are still recovering from the damage.

We picked some regional papers in the New York and New Jersey Area. And what you'll notice is that papers, relatively speaking, didn't know what to expect other than this storm was big. You'll also notice some papers completely ignore the anniversary on their front pages today. 

The New York Post was one of the papers that chose not to feature the rebuilding process on the front page, because two words: dungeon mistress.

The Poughkeepsie Journal captured the feeling of not knowing what to expect, and one year later (coincidentally?) there's a story about how good the weather has been for orchards:

Newsday let pictures speak louder than words one year ago:

New Jersey's Star Ledger was spot-on on year ago, and brings it again one year later:

The Wall Street Journal also went with "monster" storm, and followed up with a one-year later photo:

Keep in mind that these papers were all written before the night/afternoon of October 29 — when a lot of the damage happened. It's in the days that followed where newspapers began featuring the destruction on the front pages: 

And, finally, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tweeted this collection of front pages this morning too: