On Michael Bloomberg's post-mayor to do list? Get better at Spanish. The outgoing New York mayor told Forbes in an interview published on Wednesday that he was going to learn how to "speak Spanish like a native" after leaving office. But this doesn't mean that the mayor has a low opinion of his current grasp on the language: 

Bloomberg: Oh, yeah, I’m also going to work on my Spanish. I am adamant that I want to speak Spanish like a native.

Forbes: So you’ll be getting Rosetta Stone software?

Bloomberg: I’m sort of beyond that.

Bloomberg's Spanish abilities, of course, are well-known on Twitter, where the parody account @ElBloombito lives and waits. The account, created by Rachel Figueroa-Levin in the lead-up to Hurricane Irene, is basically a tribute to the mayor's American-accented Spanish attempts during city news conferences. Like this, from Hurricane Sandy: 

During 2011's Hurricane Irene, the parody account got enough attention to earn a New York Times write-up, seemingly tapping into one of the few sources of amusement left to city residents locked down during a storm. The account took off once more during Superstorm Sandy, as New Yorkers with power tuned in to the mayor's frequent televised updates on the city's storm recovery: 

Bloomberg has just a short time left in his 12-year reign as New York mayor. Speaking to Forbes, Bloomberg said that he and his girlfriend will go on vacation the day after his successor's Jan 1st inauguration. As a billionaire, Bloomberg has a bunch of options open to keep being influential after his mayorship. He told Forbes that he wants to continue to be "involved with guns and immigration and innovation and government and public health."