Think you know what sort of jobs Americans approve of the most? A poll released today by Gallup breaks down the country's favorite and least favorite industries, including by party. We've converted it into a little quiz for your entertainment.

Obviously, you shouldn't read the full results at the Gallup site until you take the quiz, because that's cheating. Once you've answered all eight questions below, we'll show you some graphs with the data. But until then, you'll need to rely on your wits. Which industries are most popular with which groups? See how you do.

One final note. Only about 50 percent of Americans approve of the internet industry, of which we assume The Atlantic Wire is a part. What's wrong, America? What are we doing wrong? If the answer is "have more quizzes," we're way ahead of you.

Question 1

What industry do Democrats like the most?

Question 2

What industry do Republicans like the most?

Question 3

What industry do Democrats like the least?

Question 4

What industry do Republicans like the least?

Question 5

What industry do Democrats and Republicans disagree on the most?

Question 6

What industry are people under 30 most evenly split on?

Question 7

What industry do people over 65 like the most?

Question 8

What industry do old and young people disagree on the most?