Today Jen Doll unpacked Alexander Nazaryan's anti-brunch rant in the New York Daily News, in which he argued that the in-between meal will be America's undoing. Don't fall for Nazaryan's click-baiting, everyone. Brunch if you want to brunch, and don't worry about it leading to the downfall of our country. 

Our commenter Mandy Denton gets brunch. She writes

My significant other and I both work quite hard during the week (and usually at least one weekend day), and "brunch" is a great chance to relax and catch our breath.  Of course, we don't call it "brunch".. we call it "day-walking" and it generally involves bringing take-out into our favorite hole-in-the-wall bar for their amazing bloodies. Good food, no rush, pleasant buzz, then home for a nap and back to reality.  I don't think that makes us snobs at all, quite the opposite.

That sounds like a great, mellow way to unwind from a hard week of work, and you're right to not feel guilty about it, Mandy. Actually, since it's Friday afternoon and all, we could go for an "amazing bloody" right now.