We've never seen The New York Times become visibly upset in blog post, but then again, we've also never seen New York Times readers commit voter fraud in a contest to name a local animal celebrity. In an update to the paper's "Naming the New Female Hawk of Washington Square Park" poll, whomever hammered out the prose behind the New York Times staff by-line seemed irked. (See above for the latest City Room blog post's sassy lede.)

It turns out somebody rigged the dang contest! The Times even contacted a college professor and former actuary to calculate the odds of the name "Noelle" receiving 365 votes in a row on Tuesday afternoon. It's an impossibly big number, so impossibly big it wouldn't even fit on the City Room blog properly. We took a screenshot:

So now The Times has embarked on the "Naming the New Female Hawk of Washington Square Park: Part 2" and asks kindly that readers do not cheat this time. Cast your vote here.