Update (1:55 p.m. EST): The park police have arrived, according to the Washington Post's Annie Gowen. They've taken a walk around the encampment, but haven't arrested anybody so far. On the Ustream channel, people in the big tent are talking about whether they're willing to get arrested, but it doesn't seem like they have to come to an answer just yet. A Twitter stream called @Occupy_Oklahoma says "Bit tense there for a bit but things have calmed down now. Protesters now telling USPP officers why they occupy."

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Jay Carney addressed the Occupy encampments' latest developments Monday, saying "We gotta balance First Amendment concerns with public safety concerns," according to a tweet from Russia Today's Jennifer Bendery.

Original: The tents remain, the crowd is growing, and so far the U.S. Park Police hasn't shown up to enforce the ban on camping in Washington D.C.'s McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. It's been nearly an hour since the noon deadline passed for police to start arresting people who violated the U.S. Park Service's camping rules.

So far the only thing that's happened is that the occupiers threw a tarp over the statue of Union General James McPherson in the center of the square where they've been camping, creating a massive "tent of dreams," as they're calling it. They're having a big, loud rally under the tarp, and more protesters are streaming in to defend the square against a police crackdown. All that's missing is the crackdown itself. We'll keep you posted on what happens next, and meanwhile you can follow along on the Occupy D.C. live feed: