The former C.I.A. analyst accused of leaking classified information to journalists faces 30 years in prison, but his wife's already feeling the fallout, having been forced to quit the agency, insiders told the Washington Post. No charges have been announced against Heather Kiriakou, a senior analyst and the wife of former C.I.A. member John Kiriakou, but it would seem from the Post's report that even having your husband accused of leaking is enough to make you a liability to the highly secretive intelligence agency. Heather Kiriakou did work on some very top-secret stuff, having served "as a top analyst on some of the most sensitive subjects that the agency tracks, including leadership developments in Iran," the Post reported. She was apparently on maternity leave already. Neither the Kiriakous nor the C.I.A. gave a comment to the Post, so for now the information just comes from two unnamed agency sources.