Today, Buzzfeed told the internet that Minnesota was the "most hipster" state in the union. As evidence, the site noted the highest-in-the-country amount of Google searches for the overused term. We aren't sure about their methodology (one Wire staffer asked why googling "what is a hipster" makes one a hipster; perhaps Minnesota is more accurately the most hipster-curious state?). Nevertheless, the number of things that Minnesota (and its most-populated city, Minneapolis) is "most" at is truly impressive. 

  • Minneapolis is the second most literate city in America.
  • Minneapolis has been named the most gay friendly city in America.
  • Minnesota is the seventh most tolerant state in America.
  • Minnesota is the fourth most peaceful state in America.
  • Minnesota is the fourth most bike friendly state in America.
  • Minnestota is the sixth most "happy" state in America.

Sure, being a tolerant, generally happy person who enjoys riding a bike while reading literature and being friendly with gays doesn't make one a hipster. But those descriptors don't rule it out either.