Politico reports that Al and Tipper Gore are to separate after 40 years of marriage. While many pundits on Twitter were quick to offer quips with varying degrees of venom, a big (and bipartisan) theme seems to be one of surprise and sadness.

  • Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel: "I'm noting that a significant percentage of press appears to be unaware of distinction between 'separation' & 'divorce.'"
  • Andy Borowitz of The Borowitz Report: "Most likely NY Post headline on the Gores: GLOBAL COOLING"
  • Stephen Green of Pajamas Media: "Honestly, I don't think Tipper ever forgave Al for that sloppy kiss at the #DNC in 2000."
  • Adam Serwer of The American Prospect: "Which 'sanctity of marriage' GOPer is gonna be the first to mock Al and Tipper Gore's divorce?"
  • Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones: "Man, Al and Tipper? What's the world coming to."
  • Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post: "Wow. Shouldn't be surprising in this age of divorce, but somehow it is. Ten yrs after they nearly moved to WH"
  • Touré, novelist and MSNBC contributor: "Something about a longtime couple splitting that feels like dealing with a death. It's shocking like that."
  • Chuck Todd of MSNBC: "Same RT @michaelluo: I did. MT @MickiMaynard: Across America, people tuning into lunch time radio uttered the same phrase: 'Wow. The Gores?'"
  • Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic: "Divorce is always supposed to be 'sad.'  Well, it usually is sad. But the children are grown. The two adults are self-sufficient, and they are pursuing their own happiness. So maybe this divorce is the best thing for the two of them. Being apart is sometimes better than being together."