With so many pundits away on vacation this month, the flow of opinion is definitely slowing down a bit. But their work keeps rolling in, just like any other job. Herewith, a friendly list of 4 items that aren't getting as much attention as they would if it wasn't the end of August.

1. Obama to Continue Rendition
The New York Times reports that the United States will continue to send terrorists to other countries for interrogation, but will more closely monitor the process to prevent torture. Thoughts? Anyone?

2. Swine Flu Could Make a Deadly Comeback
New York Daily News reports that Swine Flu could kill 90,000 Americans, but only The New Scientist is all over it.

3. Rudy Giuliani Considers Run for NY Governor
Conservatives are pushing this debate into the mainstream, and Gawker explained why he shouldn't run.

4. China Beats U.S. to Solar Energy
The New York Times reports that China plans to build solar plants in the United States to circumvent protectionist legislation. Sounds like a big deal, no?