Crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford took in a game of sport today, stopping by the NFL's big Toronto game to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Atlanta Falcons.

But, as with all things Rob Ford, it was not without controversy.

For, while Ford was posing for photos and chowing down on chicken wings, a prominent Canadian musician was freaking out because the seat Ford plunked himself into was his:

In earlier, happier times for Mays, he used his Twitter account to show off his Falcons-Bills ticket:

Fortunately, Mays was able to take back what was rightfully his:

Incidentally, one of Mays' biggest hits is called "Cocaine Cowgirl."

Meanwhile, one reporter -- WGRZ Buffalo's own Maryalice Demler -- got a chance to talk to Ford and liked what she heard. In a (now-deleted) tweet, she posed for a photo with Ford and called him a "sweetheart of a guy & a Bills fan!"

She added:

Guess Ford's still got it.

The AP says he's interested in attending an NHL game on January 1, so if you have a ticket to that make sure you arrive early and never leave your assigned seat.

The Bills lost the game in overtime.