'Juicy' is the word that should come to mind when you hear that Robyn Doolittle, a Toronto Star reporter who has been all over the drama swirling around Mayor Rob Ford, will publish a book next year about his family.

Canada.com's Marc Weisblott discovered an Amazon.com landing page for a book written by Doolittle and slated for a March 2014 release from Viking Canada, a division of Penguin Random House. The National Post's Mark Medley reports the book is titled Crazy Town, and will include "shocking new revelations" about the Toronto mayor. Doolittle was one of the first to cover the allegations that there was video tape for sale, showing Ford smoking crack with known drug dealers — a tape she has reportedly seen.

Weisblott also noticed a July tweet from a pro-Ford journalist — one who's writing their own Ford memoir — to Doolittle that confirms she's been globetrotting to dig for information about the infamous mayor. 

The Atlantic Wire called Penguin Random House's Canadian office to confirm the book's details and have yet to hear back. Doolittle kept her cards close to her chest when the news first leaked: 

She was echoing the mayor's hilarious non-denial denial, the only time he's ever come close to acknowledging the alleged video. Ford said he can't comment on something he has "not seen or does not exist." He usually goes out of his way to avoid saying anything.

Doolittle is one of the Star's most revered reporters, so the likelihood this book will contain plenty of delicious details about the Ford family's past is astronomically high. She was one of two Star journalists who allegedly watched the tape showing Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine. Her most recent byline exposed a police probe into the mayor and his associates that opened in May after Ford's driver and alleged drug dealer (who was recently charged with trafficking marijuana) put out a bounty to retrieve a cell phone that had panicked the mayor's office by vanishing.