We've already seen some pretty stunning photos emerge from the continuing protests in Turkey, but none have quite stuck in the imagination as much as that of a silent, standing protest by one man in Taksim Square. The man was soon joined by others before the protest was dispersed by authorities. But now, the protest's being recreated elsewhere in Turkey, and around the world. 

Here's an early image: 

Eventually, images of the man began to spread by the hashtags "duranadam," and "standing man." The images were amplified by getting picked up by @andycarvin. And as the hours passed, more people joined the man: 

Eventually, the group grew larger and police detained some of the participants: 

But the image spread: 


And into art: 

All in a few hours. The "Standing Man" is apparently Erdem Gündüz, a performance artist. Protests in Turkey are now about their third week. They began as a protest against plans to demolish Istanbul's Gezi Park, but have grown into a broader statement against Prime Minister Recep Erdogan's government.