If you're feeling curious, geek out for a few minutes and flip through Albert Einstein's complete archives, now available online thanks to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Not only are the archives fun to flip through -- the pages are animated so it looks like they actually turn -- but also, it's extraordinary to humanize Einstein a bit. Since he's generally regarded as one of the great geniuses of our time, it's easy to forget that Einstein was also just a guy who went on vacations, kept a journal, and occasionally wrote world-changing theories. Take, for instance, a page from Einstein's "Travel Diary to the U.S.A." We flipped through and found that Einstein enjoyed sketching. He was also kind of a terrible sketcher:

The sloppy writing might remind you that Einstein dropped out of school, causing many to believe he was a horrible student. This is not true. A copy of Einstein's last high school report card, also from the Archives, shows that he actually got pretty good grades. In the German system, 6 is the best possible grade:

The archives will expand as more are digitalized. So, bookmark that page! You never know what you might discover about the original crazy professor and amateur fish illustrator.