Polish prosecutor Col. Mikloj Przybyl defended himself against corruption allegations behind a bank of microphones before excusing himself, stepping into the hallway and shooting himself in the head. The most extraordinary detail of the event: Przybyl survived. "Przybyl is a deputy head of the prosecutor's office in Poznan and the head of a local department investigating organized crime in the army," the Associated Press explains and was described by his colleague, Chief Military Prosecutor Krzysztof Parulski as one of the "best prosecutors" and a "man of honor." Few would dispute the latter after Przybyl attempted to take his own life rather than face the disgraceful stories that he's part of an organized crime conspiracy in the Polish military that had something to do with the plane crash that claimed the life of Polish president Lech Kaczynski and 95 others in April 2010. Now that he's conscious and in stable condition, it's very apparent that Przybyl is also extremely tough. 

The video of the event is disturbing.