The very fictional Chief Executive Intern at Business Insider, Haley Amber Feinberg, has one of the most entertaining Davos reports at the moment. Who cares if it's fake? Ms. Feinberg is the creation of Joshua Brown, who runs The Reformed Broker financial blog.  Feinberg's very valley girl approach of the very high-brow Davos is amusing in itself. But Feinberg's account does bring up the very real question of how newsworthy and how much "good" Davos accomplishes. And we'd be lying if we said that we didn't enjoy how much fun Brown is having poking fun at the very frequent, innocuous Davos reports that are now filling social networks. Haley Amber, take it away:

GMT 19:03  The whole thing with the badges is also superweird.  Everyone has a different type of badge and it tells everyone else whether or not they can sneer at you. The really old guys all have these white and blue thingies with holograms on them, that's like the mackdaddy badge that everyone wants. Then there are white badges which are for the wives of the Big Dogs.  Those women give me the evil eye all day, they're soooo angry at me and I have no idea why - prolly cause I'm skinnier than them all, OMG Just Kidding!  But I am, and my hair is cuter. The orange badges are for press and journos.  My badge is orange and it has a black star on it, not sure why.

Head on over to Brown's blog for Feinberg's full update, which we'll say doesn't look like so much of a parody when compared to this actual Davos "news": a Business Insider slideshow which, for the most part, just shows the many different ways you can photograph the Davos swag bag on your hotel bed. OMG we're just kidding. We'd loooove to look at your Davos notebook!