Eight Ferraris and one Lamborghini were a part of a 14-car wreck on Japan's Chugoku Expressway yesterday--a wreck Japanese Police are calling "a gathering of narcissists." A little harsh right? At the moment news organizations aren't in agreement of how much this luxury wreck all costs, other than it being really expensive--like the 1 percent kind of expensive. Bloomberg points to a number north of $1 million, while The Wall Street Journal gives a more expensive estimate noting that some cars cost upwards of $4 million, and the AP reported that even used Ferraris in Japan can fetch more than $100,000.  And the wreck, apparently, didn't have the high-speed glamour of Hollywood chase scenes--where these cars and these wrecks usually exist. News outlets are confirming that the group, a convoy of around 20 sports car enthusiasts, was headed to Hiroshima when one of the Ferraris leading the pack skidded when changing lanes. "The person suspected of causing the accident, a 60-year-old self-employed man from Fukuoka prefecture, may face up to three months in jail or a fine of as much as 100,000 yen ($1,280)," reports Bloomberg, adding that no narcissists were killed or severely injured in this crash "No fatalities were reported and 10 people sustained bruising and minor injuries."