The war in Afghanistan is complicated. The current U.S. strategy of counterinsurgency (or "COIN") calls for defending and winning over the local population. But the previous strategy under President Bush, and more recently advocated by Vice President Biden, emphasized counterterrorism (or "CT"), calling for a smaller presence and an emphasis on targeting only high-value terrorists. Then there are the complex issues of civilian casualties, the habeas corpus rights of detainees, the vigilante-like "Bin Laden hunter" Gary Faulkner, and more.

What could we possibly use to understand these infinitely complicated, interrelated issues? How about Harry Potter, the series of children's novels about a young British wizard? This bunch of Twitter-happy South Asia experts have decided to run with it:

@alexlobov @InkSptsGulliver @afpakchannel what if our armies ditched their guns & armor for girlie robes & wands?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

@kalsoom82 Though Harry is all about getting the support of Hogwarts. A CT/COIN blend? Is it possible?? @glcarlstrom @alexlobov @chrisalbonless than a minute ago via HootSuite

@afpakchannel @chrisalbon @alexlobov @InkSptsGulliver quidditch can be quite violent, esp with those bludgeons. I see the analogy.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

@kalsoom82 @afpakchannel @chrisalbon @alexlobov @InkSptsGulliver Dude, if HP is anything, it is a Faulkner-est quest. staff = 3ft swordless than a minute ago via Echofon

@afpakchannel Where was Voldemort's habeas corpus? Magic! Like flying sky robots shooting missiles? @chrisalbon @inksptsgulliver @kalsoom82less than a minute ago via web

@InkSptsGulliver @afpakchannel @kalsoom82 Also, Potter sets a dangerous precedent. Makes Americans believe 'magic' solves problems. #COINless than a minute ago via web

@kalsoom82 Harry is definitely on Biden's side. The whole targeted assassination of Voldemort thing. @chrisalbon @alexlobov @inksptsgulliverless than a minute ago via HootSuite