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What is The Wire?

The Wire is committed to bringing you what really matters right now. Our editors scour the media world to extract meaning from the daily influx. They separate the essential from the overblown, the must-read from the ancillary, while adding spot-on commentary and analysis to help you pinpoint not only what matters but why.

Is The Wire the same thing as The Atlantic Wire?

Yes. Previously known as The Atlantic Wire, the website is re-launching with a refined mission as well as a new name, URL, and look and a mobile-first responsive design. 

Can I still read stories that appeared on The Atlantic Wire?

Yes. All of the content that was on theatlanticwire.com is now on thewire.com. 

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes. The Wire has an iPhone app. It is additionally fully responsive, and works on tablets and phones.

Where can I read The Wire's Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer?

Our Terms and Conditions are available here. Our Privacy Policy is available here.

How do I submit a letter to the Editor?

You can submit a letter to the Editor here.

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

You can use our contact us page to submit a question to the appropriate department of The Atlantic. 

Technical Support

Which Web browser is recommended for viewing the site?

Our site is designed to be fully supported by recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well Internet Explorer 8 and later. 

I am having a hard time reading the small text on your site. Can I increase the size of the text?

You can use the menu on your browser to adjust font size.
Google Chrome: Click the settings button (located to the right of the address bar).  Part way down the list is a Zoom option. Use the plus sign button to increase text size.
Firefox: In the browser’s menu, go to View. Select Zoom. Select Zoom In.
Safari: In the browser’s menu, go to View. Select Zoom In.
Internet Explorer:  Click the Tools option (gear icon), go to View, and then select Zoom.

I have a technical question about your site that is not covered here. Where should I write?

Please use our contact page to send us an email with your question.


Can I submit a post to The Wire?

Article ideas can be pitched to our editorial team here.

Reprints and Permissions

Whom should I contact about syndicating an article from The Wire?

You can send a request to our business development team through our contact form.

Media Inquiries

To whom should I direct media inquiries?

Anna Bross

The Atlantic

(202) 266 7714


I'd like to contact a Wire Contributor. What is the best way to do so? 

Please visit our contact page for our contributors' contact information.