Remember Coriolanus, that 2011 adaptation of one of William Shakespeare's plays that updated the setting to modern-day Rome? Take that, change the script to Shakespeare's Cymbeline, remove an Oscar-snubbed Vanessa Redgrave, add Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley, and change the setting to New York. Congrats, you've made this teaser for Cymbeline.

Yes, there's a certain obviousness to what's happening here – Shakespeare gone gritty – but there's plenty to be excited about here. Director Michael Almereyda teamed with star Ethan Hawke on another Shakespeare adaptation, 2000's Hamlet. While divisive, it was certainly interesting; we can hope he'll bring a similar hand to their second collaboration.

Joining Badgley and Hawke: Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Anton Yelchin, and most intriguingly, Milla Jovovich as Queen Cymbeline. Are audiences still up for modernized Shakespeare adaptations? We'll find out in 2015.